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What clues are you broadcasting to the world when you choose your phone case and use it every day?


Your clothing choices can have an impact on your mood and how people perceive you.


So does your phone case.


What you wear impacts how people see you, and how you see yourself. 


What your phone wears also matters — and in ways that might surprise you.


It's not hard to understand the impact of dressing formally — or conversely, of going out in your slipper — and how that makes you feel and act differently. 


Also there are some interesting aspects of our personalities that our phone case can uncover, and surprising subtexts that we may be revealing when we don't intend to.


1. Style Matters


Classic style is more proper for business people. The plethora of logos and colors or decorations is a subtraction of formality.

Luxury 360 Degree Full Protection Case For Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+


Fashion style is a good choice for anyone who likes fantasy. Bling Diamond is popular among young girls.

Bling Diamond Phone Case

A special camera case will definitely be catchy and calls a lot of attention for maverick girls.


Luxury 3D Retro Camera Case For iPhone


Full Body Protect Case is sports fun’s best choice.

3 Layers Hybrid FullBody Protect Case for iPhone



2. Style Matters


Rose Flower Case is special for lovely young ladies.


Luxury 3D Rose Flower Romantic Soft Silicone Phone Case


Elegant and chic girls cannot say no to Wine Red Case.

Luxury Wine Red Case


Cute and romantic girls may be fancied with Liquid Glitter Phone Cases at first sight.


ashion Liquid Glitter Sand Mobile Phone Cases


3. Pets Matters


Luxury Diamond Hello Kitty Case appeals to someone whose pet is a cute cat.


Luxury Diamond Hello Kitty Case  


Pig Piggy Cover Phone Case is a favorite for innocent high school girls.


Pig Piggy Cover Phone Case


4. Being Practical Matters.


Leather Wallet Phone Case is loved by someone who is careful, tidy and neat. He/ she may hate being messy. The Phone, credit card and business card can be all collected in one wallet phone case.


Bling Crystal Diamond Leather Wallet Phone Case


Slider Card Holder Wallet Armor Cover is added to cart by many business men. It's simple while very friendly as business cards could be saved in the back.


Slider Card Holder Wallet Armor Phone Back Cover


Mirror Phone Cases is recommend to many fashion ladies and bought as a gift to girlfriends. It's much easier to refine the make-up with a mirror phone case anywhere.


Fashion Mirror Wallet Case


5. Technology Matters.


Techno freak cannot resist to trying the Thermal Induction Silicone Back TPU Cases


Thermal Induction Silicone Back TPU Cases


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