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Phone cases mainly protect the surface of the phone. It may protect from scratches and the occasional short fall. And also it’s a decoration and could even provide some style to your life.


Screen Protector is a must.


Screen protectors will definitely  protect your screen, as well as  prevent any scratches from actually getting to your screen.

Now screen protectors come in two different flavors as: plastic and glass. The plastic protectors are generally flexible and provide protection from scratches. The glass protectors are a thin sheet of really strong glass that not only provide protection from scratches, but also provide a little bit of strength to your phone screen. So my advise would be you’d better buy a screen protector once you receive a new phone.

Waterproof, Drop Resistant, Hard Core?


Every phone case must match the person’s lifestyle to provide the best protection.

Waterproof case is a good choice for swimming coach.   This case may not be super beefy, but is completely usable underwater.


It definitely adds some thickness to my phone but has paid for itself many times over based on the number of falls it has allowed my phone to survive.

I like it because it is soft rubber on the inside and hard plastic on the outside. This provides cushion as well as some blunt protection.

The fact that how you’re going to use it really matters.


I recommend taking a look around at what other people have to get a look and feel for what would work for you.  Then you may surf the web and see some examples on professional mobile accessory shopping website. There are many choices to consider.

No matter what you pick having a screen protector and case will give your phone far more protection than it had coming out of the box!

When I buy a phone case, I’m looking for something a bit sturdier than most generic cases because I am prone to dropping my phone every now and then. Thus, I prefer a  case with  surrounded protection, and  make sure that my phone can easily survive a tumble.

421-With Holder & Mesh Fitted Case For Samsung S8/S8+

There are more personal insight of choosing the right phone case. I hope you will find the one case you like.


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